Voilo helps you save money on every transaction

Our innovative QR payment system makes the most of banking technology, meaning businesses and sole-traders alike can receive payments in a fairer, cheaper and more secure way.

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Attract New Customers

  • Get higher customer footfall: Promote your offerings and deals within the Voilo app
  • Raise your brand awareness: Allow more people to see your product and services through our promotional partners
  • Share your story: Be part of our wider community of local businesses supporting local business

67% of UK consumers search online for offers prior to purchase

Retain Your Customers

  • Reward your most loyal customers: Let your customers know you value you them with a digital loyalty scheme
  • Control your rewards: Utilse a digital stamp or cumulative point based system giving you full flexibilty
  • Build your customer base: Analyse your loyalty scheme to adapt to the changing climate and perfect your rewards

74% of consumers shop at stores where they can earn reward points

Grow Your Business

  • Very low transaction fees: save upto 90% of your current transaction cost
  • No hidden fees or longterm contracts: Our fully flexible contract, is easy to understand and wont leave you with any suprise charges
  • Get paid quicker: Manage your cashflow better by getting money into your account almost instantly

72% of local stores, lack capabilities and resources to analyse and predict their business growth