Ash and Even x Voilo: “I am surprised how quickly I became a huge fan of Voilo!”

At Voilo, we champion businesses and start-ups that address real-life problems for consumers. That is exactly the ethos of Ash and Even UK Ltd, one of our valuable clients who are committed to enhancing the experience of international students here in the UK. Ash and Even has grown tremendously in only two years, with the business already turning over a quarter of a million pounds. Read on to find out more about Ash and Even, and how Voilo has helped them on their pathway to early success.


Founded in October 2020 by University of Birmingham graduate Min Feng, Ash and Even is a digital platform that helps international students find high-quality service providers in the UK. After falling victim to a career coaching fraud that lost her £9000 and little in the way of legal help, Feng was compelled to start a business that would help other international students like her navigate the unfamiliarity of the UK. Now, the business assists international students in accessing services such as university applications, legal advice, social events and more, by offering bespoke advice and tailored guidance.


Ash and Even’s success can be attributed partly to their in-depth consumer knowledge. As a once-international student, Min Feng understands the problems Asian students in the UK typically face so she can help design solutions that overcome these. Another secret to her success is Feng’s dedication to vetting the partners and suppliers she works with. As a self-confessed ‘picky client,’ Feng herself was ‘surprised’ by how quickly she became a fan of Voilo – after several negative and time-consuming experiences with other suppliers in the past, she was delighted that the process took less than four minutes to set up and onboard with Voilo.


As well as providing expert knowledge and advice to international students, Ash and Even also prioritise feeling connected, as evidenced by their digital community of over 2000 members and the running of daily social events since April 2022. Building up rapport with international students is important to Ash and Even, and so we at Voilo were thrilled when Min Feng noticed our commitment to communication and connectivity with our clients, as well. Although our app has been praised for being ‘user-friendly’ and easy to use by Ash and Even as well as many others, our team is always on hand to offer support, guidance and personalised help to anyone using the Voilo app.


“I love how responsive the team is to solve our pain points!” – Min Feng, Ash and Even, 2022.


Ash and Even are set to continue their growth trajectory, having been accepted into the University of Birmingham Elevate Incubator and the NatWest Accelerator Programme in 2022. As their business helps many international students in their journey in coming to the UK, we at Voilo are also always on hand to offer help to any of our clients. With an easy-to-use interface, continuous support from our team, and a contract-free trial that allows you to cancel at any time, there really is nothing to lose in trying out Voilo for your business – in fact, we are confident that with time you too will become a huge fan of Voilo!

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