Worried about the unequal charity sector? Don’t compete – collaborate!  

As you are probably aware, charity is changing. The recent pandemic accelerated the growth of digital, cashless fundraising. Digital is outpacing analogue.  

Traditionally, the UK public donated with cash. In the pandemic, cash donations declined from 34 to 13 percent, in parallel with an almost doubling of the donations done online. People would rather their transactions be free of physical touch.   

The same could be said for the charity sector and especially for those charities with the capacity to innovate quicker. Successful charities will implement technology and thrive despite the difficult socio-economic context.  

However, technology can be hard and expensive to implement. Due to necessity, your financial sustainability is more important than ever. With increasingly scarce public funding and an overstretched government, smaller charities, through no fault of their own, could likely lack the ability to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation.  

We believe every cause is important and the work done by smaller charities is sometimes the most noticeable and impactful on our communities. Voilo’s mission is to not let those charities fall through the cracks. 

Providing low cost, accessible technology to charities of all shapes and sizes Voilo works to boost your donations by digitising fundraising efforts in a way that’s simple and scalable.

Through collaboration, charities can increase awareness and appeal to more people than ever before. According to a Charity Commission Report, 82% of charities felt collaboration was successful. Collaborating AND adopting the latest technology will give your charity the biggest chance of success.  

At Voilo, the ecosystem around the tech is just as important as the tech itself. We encourage sharing marketing information and hosting joint events so you can get ahead of the curve without competing over limited government resources. But don’t just take it from us, check out how  other charities  are already using Voilo and  how you can revolutionise your own fundraising  in less than 5 minutes

Download our app. Build the VOILO community today. 

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