Flake x Voilo: “For us, it wasn’t worth going cashless until Voilo”

Local Birmingham band, Flake, becomes the business we didn’t know we needed – evidencing the noticeable need for an adaptable payment solution: Voilo.

Believing ‘technology should be accessible for all’ Voilo vows to bridge the gap between the best of banking technology and local enterprises of any shape and size.

During their recent gig, musical trio, Flake, were selling merchandise but unable to accept cashless payments. Voilo’s system is so simple, the were able to sign up during the interval and start accepting mobile payments straight away.

“Everyone at every event has a phone and that’s all you need…so choosing Voilo was obvious,”

With their phone camera, fans simply scan the QR code generated in the Voilo app and safely approve payment through their chosen mobile bank in seconds.

In the wake of the pandemic, creative enterprises reliant on ticket sales and merchandise still struggle with unpredictable restrictions and an inconsistent cash flow.

Unable to commit to high monthly subscription charges, high transaction costs and pricy terminals, many small enterprises are disadvantaged on their endeavour to take cashless payments.

Voilo believes in Birmingham’s talent and creativity — on a mission to level the playing field it offers a variety of plans including ‘pay-as-you-go’ which Flake used that night to double their expected profits.

Since November the band have used Voilo for their payments throughout Birmingham and even London; after putting the extra profits into some studio time they are now looking forward to their first tour in April in preperation for the release of their EP.

Written by Niamh M.

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