Campbell & Alleyne x Voilo: “So easy to explain to customers!”

Voilo provides one of the simplest and easiest ways to accept cashless payments. Here’s how one local business, Campbell & Alleyne, used Voilo to facilitate their transactions at the Birmingham Black Business Show.

Founded in 2021 by two social workers, Campbell & Alleyne are a trailblazing business dedicated to helping black males journal, set goals and reflect. The duo’s manifestation journals and positive affirmation aids aim to combat the negative stigmas around male mental health — an increasingly important issue given the rising risk of black male suicides over recent years.

Cambpell & Alleyne first came across Voilo at the Birmingham Black Business trade show in June 2020. They found our QR code feature ‘easy to explain’ to interested purchasers, with customers simply needing to scan the code using their smartphone and then complete payment through their mobile banking app. This allowed Campbell & Alleyne to effortlessly accept cashless payments and thus save time in not having to deal with physical change or cumbersome card machines.

“Voilo was simple to set up and easy to use on the day. Payments went through quickly and the fact that it allows the transactions to immediately go into your account is a fantastic feature! It helped us massively… thank you Voilo!”

Campbell & Alleyne

As well as being easy to use for customers, Voilo has also simplified the payment collection process for businesses. Unlike other mobile payments systems, transactions are completed instantly, eliminating wait times altogether. This is particularly helpful for a new company like Campbell & Alleyne, whose time would be better used promoting their mission rather than checking when payments have processed.

Voilo have recently introduced new features to further simplify mobile payments for new businesses like Alleyne & Campbell as they grow and expand. For instance, our new POS materials are now downloadable from within the Voilo app. As Alleyne & Campbell plan to expand their reach and help more males in the community, these materials will surely prove helpful in explaining Voilo to any new users. Furthermore, we are also on hand to directly support businesses whenever they need it, both via our FAQ and online chat.

We are optimistic about the impact Alleyne & Campbell’s journals can have on the black male community moving forwards, with the business planning to run workshops and connect with other partnership agencies in the future, too. If you are a business also inspiring positive action, then please reach out to us today to see how Voilo can help support you on your journey.

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