Saving money made easy every day, with Voilo

The cost of living is rising dramatically in the UK.

With Voilo, customers, charities, and shops keep more money in their pockets by harnessing a secure payment platform that’s accessible to everyone.

Want to know how you can save more money with ease? Keep reading.

Local businesses save on payment fees

Every time a customer uses their card to pay for their purchases, the business they buy from forks out a percentage of that as a transaction fee.

No big issue for large corporations, of course. But for small, independent businesses where every penny counts. this can be detrimental.

Voilo harnesses banking technology so that customers pay with their banking app instead of their card by scanning a secure QR code.

The result? Businesses are charged a fraction of the cost of a traditional payment service — as low as 0.29%.

Plus, payments are received instantly, not days later. Local companies can then reinvest these savings back into their businesses!

Shoppers enjoy more discounts with the Voilo app

Shoppers love to support independent businesses. It keeps the local community at work, supports friends and family, and gives people a sense of connection and personal service that you miss out on when shopping online.

In reality, it can feel difficult to shop local when costs are increasing.

Voilo supports shoppers as well as the local businesses they want to buy from, with the handy Voilo app.

Shoppers get rewards sent directly to their phones that they activate when paying with Voilo, saving them money on essential purchases and helping them discover hidden gems. Win-win!

Charity donations support those in need

Charities lose a lot of money in processing fees when collecting donations.

Plus, it’s hard for local charities to digitise donations when they have to fork out for card machines.

Charities using Voilo can securely collect money with QR codes. These can be printed out and branded or shared on a mobile phone screen. Every volunteer can display it wherever they’re collecting money. There’s no need for external card readers, and fees are a tiny 0.49%.

Donations should help those in need, not provide profit for payment platforms. Voilo makes this possible, letting charities use their collections for what truly matters.

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