Why support local?

Between everyday costs rising and wages staying put, it’s getting harder for shoppers and local businesses to thrive.

Money management’s more important than ever, which is why Voilo helps businesses cut down fees and helps shoppers find unique rewards and savings.

But why should you support local businesses anyway? Read on to find out.

Support your local economy

Small businesses are responsible for 90% of the UK economy and 60–70% of employment.

By shopping locally, you keep people in the jobs that small businesses provide.

In turn, this helps the local community flourish as any money generated from tax stays within the local area.

Support entrepreneurs

Two-thirds of people now prefer buying from local shops.

Without local shoppers, most British businesses wouldn’t last.

By supporting your local business, you keep these shops and services alive.

Local entrepreneurs can realise their dreams and provide your community with the things they love, that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to provide.

A healthier community

When purchasing from a nearby business there are healthier transport options available, instead of driving you could walk or cycle bettering both your physical health and the local environment.

Supporting local also means goods are made and manufactured in the area and so don’t demand the same amount of transit further reducing traffic on the roads, air pollution, and fuel waste.

Reduce waste

Chances are that if you’ve bought something from an online retailer, you’re left with heaps of packaging that you end up throwing away.

When you purchase locally, there’s no need for excess cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, or plastic packaging.

Some local shops even provide packaging-free products to continue to look after the environment.

Unique and locally grown items

Buying online or from a large chain means generic, sometimes poor quality items.

A local business offers unique, locally sourced or grown products that cannot often be rivalled in quality and choice.

Plus, nothing beats being able to see those items in person and get a true feel for the exceptional quality!

Unique shops make for a vibrant high street that adds value to the whole community making it a better place to live.

Personal customer service

Buying online seems convenient until something goes wrong and what if you have questions before you buy? With local business you’re not left on hold or left waiting for a reply to your email.

Buying locally gives you an unparalleled level of personalised service where you can get to know local business owners and they can help you with everything you need, face-to-face without wasting your time.

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